A Course in Miracles Cross: A Spiritual Self-Help Guide

The publication of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) started a movement, and millions of people have found enlightenment and healing through the ACIM method and philosophy.

Still, the ACIM philosophy can be difficult to understand. If you want to better comprehend or embrace the love of God through this method, then consult a unique spiritual self-help book, A Course in Miracles Cross: Your Key to Spiritual Awakening.

The Miracles Cross

A Course in Miracles Cross: Your Key to Spiritual Awakening connects ACIM teachings with the symbol of the Christian cross, referred to in the book as the Miracles Cross.

Focus on Christian symbolism can help students visualize and grasp the abstract concepts of the course, such as forgiveness and love. Symbolism is a form of language and communication, and it brings a new perspective to a movement dominated by textual explanations.

The Practical Application

Joseph, the author of this spiritual self-help guide, understands the need for a concrete application of philosophy, and he helps you do so for yourself.

Joseph had a traumatic childhood but found healing through spirituality, specifically the teachings of the Holy Spirit and A Course in Miracles. His bachelor’s degree in philosophy helps him understand ACIM concepts, and both his personal experiences and his professional life as a social worker allow him to translate that knowledge into a form that helps people who need healing but don’t have extensive theological study under their belts.

A Course in Miracles Cross is a coach and counselor to all who want to integrate the concepts of ACIM into their everyday lives.

The Connection and Awakening

A Course in Miracles is a self-study course, and the teachings are independent of any hierarchy or denomination. Still, many students choose to study in groups and discuss books such as Joseph’s A Course in Miracles Cross and Marianne Williamson’s Return to Love. Doing so can provide a sense of community that many people otherwise lack.

Order your copy of A Course in Miracles Cross: Your Key to Spiritual Awakening to support your journey. You can also email Joseph at Joseph@acourseinmiraclescross.org with any questions. Blessings of peace be with you now.